More hands on deck!

As a creative agency we are always changing and evolving. Over 15-years we have seen quite a bit of change. […]

Welcome Jake Moody

We’re thrilled to announce that Jake has joined the team at Leading Hand Design. Jake is a graduate of Western […]

Creating a Great Website: Part 3

Welcome to the final part of our Insight Series designed to help you create a great website. Part One looked […]


Testimonials for Leading Hand design and digital agency.

Creating a Great Website: Part 2

This Insight Series is designed to help you understand what’s involved in creating a great website. Our aim is to […]

Creating a Great Website: Part 1

This three-part series is designed to help you understand what’s involved in creating a great website and give you handy, […]

Hi (Vis) from our newest client!

Leading Hand is excited about designing the environmental graphics for this new school in Sydney’s north west.

Telling Stories Larger Than Life

We’ve designed graphics for the built environment on a number of architectural projects including several schools and office environments.

Branding and Web Design

An organisation’s brand strategy is the starting point for great web design.

Leading Hand is Going Down… South!

The brand new Leading Hand Adelaide studio is now open and we couldn’t be prouder.

A New Chapter Begins

Leading Hand has become a patron of Sydney Writers’ Festival.


We are all booklovers at Leading Hand and passionately believe that reading is fundamental to a successful and happy life. This makes working with the team at Sydney Writers’ Festival pure joy.


Re-designing your website? Think Mobile-First. Many people planning and commissioning new websites are fixated with desktops,


James Kellow, HarperCollins Publishers Australia MD invited me to speak on social media and to facilitate a panel of social media savvy authors.


Environmental Design embodies art direction, graphic design and illustration. It is regularly used in architecture on walls, stairs, ceilings and any number of architectural surfaces and also often on the surfaces between buildings such as playgrounds, walkways and a myriad of other open spaces.

Design Education

We are always learning and enhancing our design skills. Last week Caitriona and Vanessa attended Adobe MAKE IT 2017, touted as Australia’s premier creative event. Here are some takeaways.

When Adelaide Met Legal Aid

As we begin work on the 2018 edition we wanted to reflect on the partnership, not only with Legal Aid NSW but with Peter Coad who has provided the cover art for every edition.

Accessibility for All

At Leading Hand we love learning new things, partly to satisfy our own curiosity and answer an oft-asked question: “How do we do this?”, and partly to be able to expand the services and expertise we offer

The Write Stuff

The write stuff for Sydney Writers’ Festival. We absolutely loved working with the talented and dedicated Sydney Writers’ Festival team this year.

ASA Partnership Launch

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Australian Society of Authors (ASA). Leading Hand will offer members of the ASA an exclusive online audit.

True Britt

We are so pleased to announce the return of Brittany Denes to the Leading Hand team.

Professional Sales Web Design

We worked closely with the QuikStand team to develop every aspect of their new website from digital strategy, to images, copy, design and development.

Getting in Shape Online Workshop

The Getting In Shape Online Workshop, is a one day workshop designed to help improve your online presence.

Senior Copywriter Joins Leading Hand

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome the wonderful and talented Cate Lane to our Leading Hand stable.

11 Tips for Achieving Better SEO Results

There are a number of things you can do to improve the performance of your website. Here are 11 tips for achieving better SEO results that really work.

Designing a Low Cost Website

We settled on Adobe Muse to help us create this low-cost online presence because it gave us the design flexibility…

Developing A New Visual Identity

EDGE’s invited Leading Hand to develop their new visual identity and online resource to celebrate their new Darlinghurst studio…

New Creative Director

Catriona Egan is the new creative director at Leading Hand. We are excited about the new opportunities to grow and diversify…

Building Consumer Trust

Consumers are moving away from institutional trust to distributed trust. We are increasingly more likely to trust a stranger…

Tell Great Stories

When writing for online be sure to tell a great story. Stories are all around us. It’s story that captures our imagination.

Web Design Trust and Credibility

“Websites must establish trust and present themselves as credible to turn visitors into customers.”

Out Of Site Out Of Mind

A UI tip. It is a false assumption to think that if people want to find something on your website they will. It’s just not true.

In The Age Of Digital, Dare To Print

If you intend to make something physical these days it probably needs to be beautiful to warrant it being produced – beautiful to view, to hold, to smell

Online Behaviour – Heads Will Scroll

Smartphones have taught us how to scroll and swipe and these behaviours are now well and truly entrenched.

Satisfice Will Suffice

A great web design may need to sacrifice copy, in order to … satisfice its users!

Be Led By Clients, Not Tech Giants

Marketing is just one endeavour that gives your brand meaning. Your digital marketing needs to be in step, always…

Sometimes Less Is More

There can be many pitfalls associated with social media. They’re like good friends, you should be able to count them all on one hand …

A Winning Website Is Never Finished!

Your new website requires attention to drive performance. Be sure to test your UX and XI, get data, review and …