Developing A New Visual Identity

Leading Hand developed the new visual identity for EDGE interior design

Our recent collaboration with Edge Interior Design involved developing a new visual identity for this leading, multi-disciplinary studio and a new responsive website.

The value of a clear and relevant visual identity is critical. It represents your business, its values and its purpose to existing and potential customers and to all the partners who interact with your business on a day-to-day basis.

EDGE’s Design Director, Megan Roberts, tasked Leading Hand Design to develop a new identity and online resource to celebrate their new Darlinghurst studio and to communicate the new vision for the established business.

Our brand identity spoke to the clarity of EDGE’s reputation as an industry leader and a company with loyal clientele who know they can expect world-class, innovative and creative solutions to their design projects. In conceiving the new visual brand identity, we also strived to represent the aesthetic sensibility that EDGE exemplifies.

Our web design adaptation of EDGE’s new identity required the same level of simplicity and an appreciation of EDGE’s bespoke interior concepts and impeccable level of design quality.

We were also called upon to lend our copywriting skills to distil the story of the studio and its team.

In conjunction, we also designed a fun, on-brand Christmas message that doubled as a soft launch for the new EDGE visual brand identity.

The result has been warmly welcomed by the EDGE team as well as being a very satisfying outcome for the Leading Hand Design team.

If you are considering developing a new visual identity talk to us about how we can help you realise your vision.