Telling Stories Larger Than Life

Telling Stories Larger Than Life

We’ve been telling stories larger than life for clients for a number of years.

We’ve designed graphics for the built environment on a number of architectural projects including several schools and office environments. We’ve learned a lot about how to get the best results for both interior and exterior spaces – how to tell a compelling visual story across multiple surfaces that complements the environment, how to integrate intuitive and practical wayfinding solutions and, most importantly how to spot and avoid any pitfalls.


Tell a Great Story
It almost feels glib to make such a fuss of this but trust me nailing the story is critical. A great story translates well into a brief and flows more effectively through the design process and to the end product. It inspires and informs all involved. And it’s just more likely to end up going well from start to finish because it conveys a clarity of purpose. That’s why we spend time up-front with our clients to make sure the story is complete and supported.


Alexandria Park Community School


Articulate Expectations Early and Regularly
It’s imperative to get all the expectations out on the table as early in the project process as possible to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal and as part of the project that everyone knows what is possible and what isn’t because of budget or timing or a compliance reason.


Keep all Stakeholders Fully briefed
Architectural drawings can change and builders have to make choices on the hop that can significantly change the initial plans. Designing efficiently means checking that everyone is always on the same page, literally. It’s in our nature to check everything with everyone. It works because it catches all the little variations that can creep into a big project. So, we ask as many questions as we believe are necessary, and as often as we think is required.

Our clients never get tired of knowing that we are part of their team and understand how critical the small details are.



Get Specific, Quickly
Designing efficiently requires you to be specific. If you’re designing a forest scene or a graffiti wall or office wayfinding get all the specifics up-front. What flora, what fauna, what size, what finish, what style…It saves time and money and enhances the design process.



Work With Trusted Suppliers
We often work with signage companies who install our designs. We only work with people we trust and whose experience, reliability and follow-up is of the highest standards. Things go wrong sometimes and working with a great team of suppliers gives us the confidence that a solution will be found and implemented without any hassles.

Oh, and when it’s all finished get some great photos and celebrate!


Sydney Writers' Festival Russ the Buss


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