tell great stories when you write for web by Leading Hand

First and foremost, tell great stories.

Stories are all around us. It’s story that captures our imagination. Great stories transcend logic and rational response and move us in emotional ways that are powerful, affecting and enduring.

When you start a brief for a new piece of advertising, a brochure, a website or indeed any consumer communication ask yourself – What story am I telling? Is it a good story? Is it the right story?

A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. It has a distinctive audience and it ultimately satisfies – a story is complete and it has a purpose.

Stories are not just told between the covers of books, they are all around us. Stories combine words, visual and user interface elements. A great story engages in a profound way, it can change our behaviour and can be shared over and over.

So what is a great story? Having spent a career in publishing I know how hard it is to answer that question. Part of the answer lies in knowing what stories people want to hear. Being close to and open with your audience will help you, so does good taste, instinct and a reliable gut feel.

One thing is for sure and that is stories matter. Tell the right one and you will command attention, you will drive sales.


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