The value of brand custodians

What is a ‘brand custodian’?

Brand custodians manage how a brand is presented over a period of time. Like an ambassador, they maintain, evolve and protect the brand across all its channels, platforms and media and take responsibility for safeguarding its identity and integrity.

Being a brand custodian requires a deep understanding of a brand’s personality, values and tone of voice and all the visual elements used when communicating with its audience. The role calls for trust, empathy and long-term relationships for success.

We have been a successful and valued brand custodian for many clients, from the arts, health and science, technology and educational sectors right through to corporates. While some of our clients have new or emerging brands, even established brands have benefited from our strong, sustained custodianship as a champion for their identity, reputation and market presence.

Leading Hand has the experience and expertise

Through careful consideration and planning – supported by open conversations with our clients – we take the time to understand the inherent values and goals of each brand. This enables us to provide meaningful input towards the messaging, visual representation and delivery of all design assets and materials.

We manage and deliver all kinds of brands for all kinds of situations: social media posts and brochure copy for a small business. Signage and wayfinding for a school or shopping centre. Advertising, posters, reports and websites for large organisations and much more.

Plus, our brand management encompasses ideation, research, strategy development and rollout, monitoring and evaluation – everything a brand truly needs to be effective, durable, fresh and relevant.

We pride ourselves on being great brand custodians

As a full-service creative agency, we have what it takes to be great brand custodians. Leading Hand Design’s skilled team of marketers, graphic designers, art directors, animators, web designers and copywriters work with many clients to successfully manage their brands. Our success is empowered by our focus on building long-term client relationships of trust and understanding.

Organisations large and small come to us for guidance on how to apply their brand to new challenges and help with evolving and elevating the brand. We are proud to work as brand custodians for a multitude of reputable and respected organisations, such as the Sydney Writers’ Festival, Riverside Theatres Parramatta, Elder Abuse Action Australia, St Vincent’s Hospitals and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, to name just a few.

Our clients value our commitment to their brands. They appreciate our determination to find practical solutions to new problems. And they love our ability to identify and resolve anything that is ‘off brand’.

Why we should be your brand custodian

Being a great brand custodian means more than just making sure the rollout of your brand assets is consistent each and every time. At Leading Hand, we monitor trends, undertake consumer research and develop new ideas and strategies. We get to know our client and their goals and values.

And we think ahead. Brand custodianship means more than just maintaining the brand’s representation now – it’s also about looking to the future.

We watch each client’s evolving direction. We listen to their emerging needs and priorities as they respond to change. And we take the journey with them as their brand custodian, ensuring the brand remains fresh, relevant and fit for purpose.

If you’re looking for an understanding, creative and effective solution to managing and evolving your brand, look no further than Leading Hand Design.