In The Age Of Digital, Dare To Print

In the age of digital dare to print says Leading Hand

In the age of digital there are still some very valid reasons to print.

Industry after industry is being disrupted by the inexorable march of digital technology, bringing innovation on a scale that many of us have never experienced. It’s exciting, effective and at times daunting.

Books, images and music are just a few of the areas that have been profoundly changed. Interestingly, vinyl record sales are at a 28-year high and ebook sales growth has slowed in recent years. It seems even in these highly disrupted industries objects are still relevant. (Credit: Fortune, Vinyl Record Sales Are At A 28-Year High by Chris Morris APRIL 16, 2016)

I am a digital advocate and early adopter but there are some things that I just want in a physical form even when there is a digital option. My approach to this choice isn’t always straightforward but tends to be connected to a value I place on beauty, design, form and material.

It is human nature to value objects, particularly of things that have personal value, sentimental or otherwise. We like to have and display mementos of key memorable experiences.

If you intend to make something physical these days it probably needs to be beautiful to warrant it being produced – beautiful to view, to hold, to smell and to keep as a testament. Making something tangible has arguably more significance today than it did a decade ago and lends itself to creating a stronger and more lasting impression. It is as if by virtue of the extra effort that something in print can take the recipient inherently perceives extra thought and care.

Printing something, instead of just creating it in the digital domain, is about recognising the enduring and significant value of the connection people have to beautiful objects.

Not everything deserves to be printed that’s for sure but some things are – just make sure they look and feel the part.


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