The power of a great network

We’ve been around for 22 years, which means we’ve done a few things right over that time. Leading Hand Design started out as a small graphic design studio, and over the years, we have grown and diversified to become a full-service boutique agency with a bigger, more experienced team, offering a range of creative services from animation to web design.

With 6 full-time designers, animators and illustrators, a web development expert, a researcher, a business development manager and a copywriter, the capacity and depth of our in-house skills enable us to continually meet the visions of our clients in developing creative solutions to achieve their performance goals and objectives.

In our 22 years, we’ve had some incredible people work for us. Our growing alumni are forging their careers in interesting and exciting ways. It’s always great to stay in touch and, where possible, find ways to work together.

We’ve also curated an excellent network of creative partners in the fields of editing, copywriting, photography, printing, media, signage, videography, templates, publishing, PR and web development, to name just a few. We value these relationships incredibly and, in many ways, view our partners as being very much a part of our core business offer. We consult with them regularly and include them in projects whenever their expertise will support exceptional results for our clients.

Our network partners are a fantastic group of talented people who care equally about the projects and clients we work with. They go the extra distance, find innovative and cutting-edge solutions to tricky problems, lean into the tight deadlines that are sometimes part of the equation and are always there to fix issues when they happen. They enable us to recruit the skills and services we need so that our clients can experience the ease and expertise of a one-stop creative shop.

Essentially, when a client works with Leading Hand Design, they get access to this phenomenal network, which enables us to find a tailored solution to any challenge presented. And our network continues to grow as we find new and innovative suppliers to build on our range of services.