Sometimes Less Is More

With social media sometimes less is more according to Leading Hand

Your social media channels are like good friends, you should be able to count them all on one hand.

Building, nurturing and sustaining a commercially sizable and engaged, online community on any of the popular social media channels requires a lot of skill, time and a decent amount of money. A surprising number of SMBs don’t fully understand this reality. They regularly struggle to create a viable community and/or reach more than 2% of their online community with the content they share because they haven’t properly planned, aligned and resourced their social media endeavours.

Common business social media pitfalls (or, though shalt not have not) include:

1. Have not properly researched what channels make the most sense for their business
2. Have not set out clear and measurable goals and objectives
3. Have not agreed any ROI parameters, soft or hard
4. Have not aligned their social media plan with their business plan
5. Have not got proper analytics in place to measure content and channel performance
6. Have not reviewed their performance against these goals and objectives
7. Have not developed a content plan and schedule
8. Have not funded their channel activity(ies) with an adequate marketing budget
9. Have not got the skills and capacity in-house to be effective

Just imagine how these issues compound when businesses dive in and set up multiple social media channels all at once. They are easy to setup and everyone’s full of enthusiasm, initially.

These issues can be readily addressed and strong results are possible but it requires a serious effort if you really want to see a decent ROI.

If we haven’t scared you off the idea altogether, let us help you develop a social media strategy that makes sense for your business.

As a guide we believe less IS more when starting out. Pick one or two channels that make sense to your business and then make a determined start turning the ‘have nots’ into ‘haves’.


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