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Achieving the web performance you set out to achieve begins now.

So your new website has just gone live. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is when you sit back and relax and watch as users effortlessly visit your new web presence, avidly engage with your highly relevant content and press all the right buttons, bells and whistles you envisaged for them, on their way to converting into a loyal brand fan, advocate or customer.

Now is really the time to roll up your sleeves and lean in to your new website to drive the business performance that you originally set out to achieve. In all likelihood this in when we sort the wheat from the chaff, and you most definitely want to be the wheat!

7 things you need to do to drive better web performance ASAP –

Get your website usability tested, ideally by a third party and, if you can, by a group of ‘super users’ in-house.

2. DATA:
Setup and start tracking your web analytics data.

Respond to the usability tests and web analytics data and make the necessary changes and revisions sooner rather than later. e.g. Keyword Choice, Call-to-Action Placement and Microcopy, User Interface and User Experience issues

Promote your website enthusiastically and this means more than just organically through your existing online channels. Spend some money targeting your desired audience and make them aware of your new site and what it offers.

Roll-out your new content marketing plan. If you don’t have one prepare one immediately. Your website will thrive on fresh, relevant and engaging content. Remember it has to be engaging to your audience so be sure you know what works and what doesn’t.

Review your website’s performance against your stated goals and objectives


At Leading Hand Design we love designing and developing high-performance websites for small to medium businesses on a budget. We equally relish the opportunity to help businesses prepare, resource and manage their websites now and well into the future. It’s our thing.


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