Branding and Web Design

Effective branding and web design is so much more than a good-looking logo or a clever advertising campaign.

Brands are at their most potent when they can convey not only what you are about but also why. If consumers resonate with your purpose they are more likely to align themselves to you and your objectives.

Every interaction with an organisation is a branding opportunity from the terms and conditions in a warranty, to a call with a customer service representative. There are myriad factors that shape perceptions around your brand like your approach to waste management or employment principles but none more so than your website.

An organisation’s brand strategy is the starting point for great web design.

Creating a great website starts with a detailed understanding of what a brand stands for before anything should be built. All the design and functionality elements that will result in the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) need to be totally aligned with your brand, its values and tenets. Only then can you effectively define the right user journeys through the site and design page elements that ensure users will have a successful and rewarding experience.

Start with the brand and draw out from its core proposition.

When brand strategy is placed at the heart of web design you are able to communicate an authentic and compelling story that will drive sustained performance of your online presence.


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