At Leading Hand Design we are very switched on about being environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is a priority in our studio practice, from concept ideation to proofing and printing. Here are some of the greener choices our studio makes:



We support our local businesses by working with local printers, which offsets our carbon footprint. We also source environmentally conscious printers such as Signwave, who provide eco-friendly printing solutions

We also encourage digital proofing as much as possible to reduce paper wastage and costs. We also take into consideration the carbon emissions of the printing process and encourage our clients to opt out of post-print embellishments or to choose environmentally friendly varnishes and finishes. Afterall, less is more.


Papers and Inks

Leading Hand Design prints solely on Australian-made FSC® and carbon neutral certified 100% recycled paper. Our ink toners use biomass technology to help reduce our environmental impact. We also recycle our ink cartridges back to our suppliers through their recycling program.



Our studio chooses energy-efficient technology such as auto-timed lights, energy efficient LED monitors and printers. We turn off lights and equipment when they’re not being used and forego using the air-conditioning for fresh air whenever possible.


Promoting digital

Leading Hand Design aims to reduce our environmental impact and footprint by encouraging our clients to choose digital outcomes where practical, therefore reducing the amount of printing.


Donating to environmental causes

Our company donates to environmental causes, such as the NSW Rural Fire Association and Climate Council, to help protect and preserve our environment.



We reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle as much as possible in studio. We aim to reduce our waste as much as possible by recycling our papers, old furniture and technologies and even our ink cartridges.