Adobe Make IT 2017

Design innovation is a fundamental aspect of how we approach our work. We are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to improve the effectiveness of our designs. Education is a part of that value system, of our continuous investment in learning and enhancing our skills.

Last week Caitriona and Vanessa attended Adobe MAKE IT 2017, touted as Australia’s premier creative event. Here are some takeaways.


1.Hands on Experience.
We took part in two workshops that involved recreating the speakers’ demonstrated artwork step-by-step. All equipment was supplied by the conference, which meant throughout the day each individual had access to Adobe software on Mac computers, Apple iPad Pros and Wacom tablets. This is such an effective teaching method and made the workshops really engaging. Vanessa thought it was particularly interesting to learn more about the capabilities of the iPad Pro for digital illustration as she had not had the opportunity to test it before.


2. Industry Professionals
All of the workshops/talks were given by active industry professionals from various design backgrounds.

3. Analogue to Digital
We found this workshop particularly interesting as it’s quite relevant to developing our illustration and environmental signage creative, a growing part the design work we have been doing recently at Leading Hand.


4. Best Practices
We attended a talk given by design pro Mark Heaps, in which he shared his top tips and tricks for up-leveling your production when using Adobe software. This was a great talk and we learnt about a number of Adobe features that we never even knew existed!


5. Representing Illustrative Art
This was a talk given by the owners of illustration agency, The Drawing Arm. They showcased some very inspiring campaigns driven by their talented illustrators and it was great to hear first-hand from some of the illustrators about their methods and techniques.