Our environmental graphic designs, sometimes called super graphics or graphics for the built environment, have been used at events, festivals, on buses, in arts institutions and throughout primary and secondary schools.

With a flair for understanding how people use spaces and the unique stories they want to share, we create inspiring, decorative and informative designs for the built environment that meet all stakeholders’ needs including: Billboards, Building Wraps, Floor Graphics, Murals and Wayfinding

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Dalarinji Project St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst
Legal Aid NSW What Are My Legal Right? Publication
Bella Vista Public School
Major School Mural
City of Parramatta Decals
EV Charge Stations
Green Square School Mural
Maya Gods of Time Website
South Sydney High School Mural
Strathfield South High School
Sydney Writers Festival
Alexandria Park Community School Super Graphics
Ultimo Public Pop-Up School Super Graphics
Environmental Design - Riverside Parramatta Bus
APCS Environmental Design
Russ the Bus Re-Design
Sydney Writers Festival