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APCS Environmental Design
APCS Environmental Design
APCS Environmental Design
APCS Environmental Design

NSW Department of Education, Alexandria Park Community School

Leading Hand was commissioned to develop environmental designs for the Alexandria Park Community School to embellish temporary school structures in inner-western Sydney.

The concept and design phases involved collaborating with a number of key stakeholder groups, including; the NSW Department of Education, Tanner Kibble Denton Architects, Savills project management team, the local community, a selection of school student representatives and the school board.

Inspiration was drawn from existing student mosaics and murals that were demolished in the old schools. Consideration also had to be given to the cultural heritage of the area and the surrounding community and environment.

Throughout this creative process, the Leading Hand team took a hands-on approach, presenting various concepts to stakeholders, visiting the site throughout the build to anticipate any potential design obstacles and even preparing a Defects Report for the client after the printer had applied the final artwork.

The final environmental designs balance the ambitions of all the stakeholders to tell a unified story with a series of unique, vibrant and eye-catching artworks.

Credit: Tom Ferguson Photography