Riverside Parramatta Bus Graphics

Environmental Graphic Design
Environmental Design - Riverside Parramatta Bus
Environmental Design - Riverside Parramatta Bus
Environmental Design – Riverside Parramatta Bus

Riverside Theatres Parramatta

To develop and design an engaging and dynamic design for the Parramatta Loop Public Bus wrap for Riverside Theatres Parramatta.

“How do you come up with an idea for a moving billboard? The team at Leading Hand explored a diverse range of ideas which lead us in the right direction. Now the bus is out and about and even the company we bought the real estate from have said it’s one of the best artworks they’ve seen on a bus. It really grabs your attention and is playful at the same time.” Jonathan Llewellyn, Marketing and Communications Manager, Riverside Theatres.

We collaborated with Riverside Theatres to create several environmental design concepts to adorn the Parramatta Loop Public Bus. The brief required us to balance branding the theatre while reserving space to promote individual shows.

The rear of the bus was reserved for the promotion of specific shows while the sides of the bus focused on communicating several key messages:
  • drive consumer awareness of Riverside Theatres and its range of entertainment offerings
  • the Riverside Theatres core consumer proposition, “Let us entertain you”
  • the Riverside website
The bus was brought to life through a series of images from recent shows across theatre, comedy, music and dance, thereby showcasing Riverside’s enormous and diverse range of performances and activities.
The overall effect is a fantastic branding exercise for Riverside and, apparently, a real head turner (think opening credits from Sex and The City!).
Now, it’s the Riverside Parramatta Bus.