SEO is as important as ever in 2024. Despite pay-per-click (PPC) advertising dominating search results, an effective SEO strategy and a well-designed and maintained website can consistently deliver quality traffic and enquiry to your business. Learn more about search and how Leading Hand can assist you with your SEO goals below.

What is SEO and how can Leading Hand help?

Is SEO still important?

Globally, trillions of searches are performed on search engines every year. Google alone processes over 60,000 searches per second! In Australia, the search giant answers thousands of user queries daily […]

How do I get my website on Google?

In reality there are no tricks or easy ways to get your website to rank well in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, while search engines do not reveal the precise algorithms used to determine search results […]

SEO Strategy

Every business is different. Each has its unique customers, goals, competitors and of course, website. You know your site needs to be optimised for search engines. You may have even decided to dedicate some time and resourcing to it, but how do you know […]

Local Search

Four out of five Australians use a search engine like Google to look for local businesses. With Australian’s among the highest users of smartphones in the world and search engines the ‘go to’ resource for finding local products and services, being visible in local search […]

Website Content And Relevance

Content is king! It’s a statement that gets used a lot, but it holds true. Regular, authoritative and quality content creation which is relevant to your brand, products and services is still considered one of the best ways to get search engines […]

Leading Hand SEO Services

At Leading Hand, we offer a complete range of SEO services and aim to assist businesses and organisations of all sizes with practical and achievable SEO solutions. Our experienced and dedicated SEO specialists […]