Is SEO still important?

Is SEO still important

Globally, trillions of searches are performed on search engines every year. Google alone processes over 60,000 searches per second! In Australia, the search giant answers thousands of user queries daily.

Put simply, people are using Google and other search engines as their preferred method of looking for products, services and things to do every day.

Making sure your website and digital assets appear in search results for search terms and keywords relevant to your brand is as critical as ever to delivering quality traffic to your website and enquiry to your business.

With smartphone ownership (currently over 88% of the Australian population) continuing to rise, so too does mobile and local search. Making sure your website is optimised for mobile and your business or brand is visible in local search results has become an essential component of effective SEO.

Search, and SEO with it, will continue to evolve and integrate with our lives in the future. In short, it’s here to stay!

SEO is as important as ever and should be a part of any successful marketing strategy.