Riverside 30th Anniversary Design

Visual Identity and Season Brochure
Riverside 30th Anniversary
Riverside 30th Anniversary
Riverside 30th Anniversary
Riverside 30th Anniversary
Riverside 30th Anniversary

Riverside Theatres Parramatta

As part of our design of the Riverside Theatres Parramatta 2018 Season Brochure, the Riverside team requested the inclusion of a distinctive visual identity to celebrate the Riverside 30th anniversary.

Taking inspiration from the traditional 30th anniversary gift of a pearl we developed a creative solution that has been applied to print materials, event collateral and online channels.

The 30th anniversary branding needed to be distinctive, compatible with the core branding of Riverside, versatile, celebratory and able to convey a considerable amount of information.

We devised a circular pearl-like device to accommodate all of the mandatory information while also delivering an efficient and powerful branded message – Entertaining Parramatta for 30 years.

The pearl iconography continued into the design of the 2018 Season Brochure. This lux, square formatted 88pp brochure was printed with a spot UV gloss on a pearl-coloured cover with circular pull outs for each show.

For the full suite of materials, we also designed badges for Riverside’s “30 Club”, a media wall, animations and a set of smaller-scale versions of the 30th anniversary badge for inclusion on advertising, flyers, brochures and digital assets.