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Non-Tariff Barriers
Non-Tariff Barriers
Non-Tariff Barriers
Non-Tariff Barriers


DFAT was seeking to build a mobile responsive online presence to track progress on delivering key outcomes to help Australian business and industry address Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs).

We worked closely with the team at DFAT to deliver this project within a particularly short timeframe.

In distilling the purpose of the online presence and its story for Australian businesses we developed a simple and clean website that is easy to navigate, clearly communicates what the government is doing and provides an avenue for businesses to get involved.

Users are instantly introduced to the key themes of Access, Collaboration, Transparency and can quickly engage with the online resource to ether participate in the initiative, report a barrier or check the FTA portal.

Photographic imagery, several infographics and a curated set of icons help to communicate key aspects of the website in a contemporary and fresh way. They also support the presentation of information and inspire the user to get involved.

Ultimately, this resource is part of a coordinated effort to help Australian businesses by engaging with Australian business.

In addition to the online presence we supported this initiative with designing an associated action plan and social media assets.

We will also be involved in adding new content to this new online resource, which will further reinforce it as a vital hub for Australian businesses.