Kirby Institute COVID-19 Study Logos

Visual Identity
Kirby Institute COVID 19 Logos
Kirby Institute COVID 19 Logos

Kirby Institute

Create a set of visual identities for three COVID-19 studies – CORIA, COHIVE and COHEART – part of the ongoing work of the Therapeutics and Vaccine Research Program at the Kirby Institute at UNSW.

The client wanted to convey a sense of care, hope and optimism for the three studies that look at different aspects of the virus. The first, CORIA was targeted at people more vulnerable to the virus through factors such as suppressed immune systems. The second, COHIVE, was designed for communications about four research programs across Africa and Asia. The third logo was for the COHEART program, following health care workers with extra testing and extra protective equipment to see if they can be protected from infection.

We developed a set of identities that addressed the primary activities of the three studies whilst maintaining a feeling of kindness and collaboration, whilst still maintaining some gravitas in respect to the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Kirby Institute was thrilled with not only the visual solutions we created but the immediacy of the Leading Hand Team in developing these three visual identities.