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Jarther+ Branding
Jarther+ Branding
Jarther+ Branding

Jarther Pty Ltd

Leading Hand Design was invited to create the visual identity and branding for Jarther+.

Jarther Taylor is a strategic marketer, an educator and entrepreneur who recently set sail independently and began his own consulting business, Jarther+. Jarther+ brings the power of additive thinking to businesses big and small.

The visual identity for Jarther+ is bold, timeless, and striking. It conveys an optimism and can-do energy that underpins the idea of building solutions that drive performance.

The wordmark’s motif of a rising slope/chart reinforces the additive value Jarther+ brings to its clients.

We designed a suite of collateral such as a PowerPoint deck, letterhead, e-sig, business card, social media tiles and a website, featuring an icon set of mathematical notations which uniquely matches Jarther+’s brand.