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Glen Street 2023 Poster

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A story in two acts.

With the announcement of the 2023 campaign, Glen St Theatre is excited to unveil its new programming that will bring the season to life with a fresh and vibrant look. This year’s brochure will be split into two acts, with a diverse range of shows and events planned for each.

The layout of the program internals and seasonal templates are very bold and adaptable. A clear hierarchical structure is established to accommodate a variety of imagery and content across a vast range of shows. The motif of circles used for images reinforces the theme of putting a spotlight on the season and its shows, creating a fun ‘razzle dazzle of showbiz’ experience.

The design allows for a series of changing colour palettes across the season’s acts and will continue to adopt a new palette with each new program to continually refresh Glen Street Theatre’s optimistic look and personality throughout the year.