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Australian Export & Investment Awards
Australian Export & Investment Awards
Australian Export & Investment Awards


The Australian Export Awards website needed to be updated to reflect new branding and support a change to the program for 2020.

Previously, the website was used to promote and communicate the Australian Export and Investment Awards application process, and related information on winners, finalists, and the history of the awards. In 2020 the program will focus on collecting and showcasing stories of resilience from exporters and investors.

This project allowed us to work with Elcom once again; we developed the strategy and all associated design elements and Elcom built the site. The partnership was very effective, efficient and seamless for our client, Austrade.

We ensured the site was suitably modular to allow it to easily transition through the key stages of the awards process.

The result is an impressive new website that is well branded, easy to use and critically, is easy to maintain and adapt to changing needs.