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To design a visual identity and website for the upcoming 2024 Australian Elder Abuse Conference.

Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA), whom we have worked with for many years on Compass, approached us to design a logo and visual identity for their upcoming Australian Elder Abuse Conference.

One of EAAA’s first tasks was to decide on a name for the conference, through a brainstorming and selection process in which we played an integral part. Ultimately, they landed on Turn up the Volume!

From there, we created a logo that is simple yet striking, incorporating the concept of a megaphone or a volume slider that quickly ramps up to emphasise ‘Volume!’ as a source of sound. This functions as a call to action to make some noise, speak up and be heard.

Shortly afterwards, we were asked to design the website for the conference, along with a simple document of brand guidelines. The website currently serves as a landing point for interested attendees, workers in the industry and potential sponsors. Branded elements, such as the angles of the logo, waveforms and exclamation mark, have been implemented in a subtle and sophisticated manner across the site. The brand guidelines explain how and when these elements are to be applied, along with the use of photography, colours, typography and additional assets for the identity.

As the Turn Up The Volume! conference takes place in July 2024, we look forward to continuing the work with EAAA on further developing the site and identity to create stronger brand awareness and, ultimately, spread the message of taking action against elder abuse.