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Centre for Population Genomics

To develop a series of characters, branded assets, and a website as part of a new research initiative.

Centre for Population Genomics approached us with a brief to develop ‘an artwork that represents all the diverse peoples living in Australia’. This would become the primary visual for CPG’s new database of genetic variation that fully captures the diversity of communities of Australia. It was to roll out across a variety of assets, including a website, printed documents, and flyer advertisements.

We developed some illustrative concepts, two that included people as characters, and one that was more abstract and focused solely on shapes instead of people. Ultimately, CPG landed on one of our concepts that used people, as they felt it aligned with their core values of being approachable and trustworthy. It also more directly showcases the sheer diversity and scale of our population, with the potential to continuously build upon the library of unique faces.

The next step was to develop a series of assets and a website. The assets include a report cover, social banners, and printed banners and flyers. Their website was required to be clear and easy to navigate, whilst incorporating the characters, icons and colours we developed. This resulted in an eye-catching and dynamic site that supports the user journey and creates a welcoming environment.

We are proud to have been a part of this initiative toward the future of Australian health care.