CaringKids Visual Identity

Visual Identity
CaringKIds Visual Identity
CaringKIds Visual Identity
CaringKIds Visual Identity


Leading Hand was asked by Altogether to create a new CaringKids visual identity to support its ongoing work supporting young carers.

Working with a tight timeline and budget we initiated a simple questionnaire for leaders of the organisation to complete. This process gave us some insight into the brand, its principles, tone and personality and to the strong consensus about what the organisation is about and how it sees itself and its role.

Following this our brand team then created three visual approaches that communicated distinct qualities about CaringKids.

The successful visual identity received universal support. It is distinctive, optimistic, open, caring, generous and conveys genuine connection. The design is instantly understood, it’s strong and its application across platforms and mediums is guaranteed.

We worked through a number of options before settling on the new brand colours.

Now the fun work begins to bring this new identity to life across all the channels that CaringKids is active.