SVA Illustrations

SVA Illustrations
SVA Illustrations
SVA Illustrations
SVA Illustrations

Social Ventures Australia

To develop various illustrations for use by Social Ventures Australia.

We are very proud to work with Social Ventures Australia. Our design team collaborates regularly with the incredible team at SVA to design reports, brochures, infographics, social media assets and other digital resources, web pages and increasingly we provide illustrations for newsletters.

We develop illustrative solutions from scratch and also take inspiration from existing source material.

We ensure that the illustrations we design are aligned to the tone and style of the SVA brand. The illustrations usually need to tell a reasonably complex story so a lot of work is undertaken to ensure the elements and overall composition are pitch perfect for each piece.

There are several key themes that we always endeavour to include in the illustrations we develop for SVA and these include: representing communities with authenticity and dignity, capturing the inherent diversity of our communities, and the reality of people’s lives and experiences.

We sometimes work with other designers if required – particularly if a piece includes, for instance, and creative that speaks to or about First Nations people.

In our experience the collaboration with SVA and the accumulated insight we have gained over the years enables us to keep innovating and delivering high quality illustrative solutions.

More of our illustrations for SVA can be viewed here.