Editorial Project Branding

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Residential Editorial Program Visual Identity
Residential Editorial Program Visual Identity

Australian Publishers Association

The Australian Publishers Association was looking to develop greater continuity in the branding for some of their core projects and programs which are aimed at their members, so they are clearly identifiable as the work of the APA.

The Residential Editorial Program (REP) is one of these projects – a week-long mentorship opportunity for a group of mid-career literary book editors to develop a selected manuscript. REP has become renowned in the Australian publishing industry as a defining professional development opportunity for editors.

We needed to design a visual identity that would clearly brand REP and appropriately reflect its reputation, whilst looking part of the APA family.

As part of the design project we considered other partner logos and how the new identity could be used across print, online and through social media channels.

The result is a clever use of the simple text cursor, every editor engages in their daily work.

This simple icon also helps to reposition the work of editing away from the red pen and paper of the past to the reality of the online task it is.