QLife Website

Web Design, Copywriting


To make finding help as easy and as intuitive as possible on the QLife website.


This was a highly collaborative project and one that invited us to explore and examine the brand personality of QLife itself.

We began the project with a branding workshop that enabled us to develop their brand positioning statement and brand personality. This process worked well to engage the management team in the web project and to provide some clear guideposts for the creative process to be evaluated.

A lot of research and thinking was spent on the user journey and considering how a person seeking help may interact with a site like QLife.

Our design and technical team worked closely together to develop two creative concepts for the website redesign further inviting QLife to examine and explore how the site would look and function.

The end result is a highly visual, exciting, dynamic website that provides an enhanced user experience, an improved suite of assets and increased functionality, while also embracing the broader community it serves. QLife.org.au isn’t just a website, it’s a safe, trusted, peer support led and resourced support centre.

The clear and strong branding throughout the website is currently being be carried through a review of the tools and materials delivered via the online presence.

Thank you to C. Moore Hardy for the great photos on the website that celebrate the marriage equality vote announcement on 15 November 2017.

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