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Noble Ambition

Rebrand and design a new logo and website for  Noble Ambition.

Noble Ambition is an Australian leader in fundraising strategy and capacity building in the for-purpose sector. In late 2022, Noble Ambition approached us for a rebrand and website revamp. The company recognised that its previous logo and website no longer accurately represented their brand values and mission, and called on Leading Hand Design to update their visual identity to better connect with their audience. The new logo was designed to be more readily identifiable and to communicate a profile of capacity, confidence and strategy. The mountain-top symbol to replace the “A” in Noble Ambition conveys this sense of purpose and endeavour. Aesthetically, it sits very close to the centre of the word mark to further enhance the ideas of a summit or aspiration.

When designing the Noble Ambition website, we sought to create a more user-friendly and intuitive experience with a layout that is optimised for readability and easy navigation. The redesign also includes photography that aligns with the values of optimism and adventure that Noble Ambition possesses. Improved graphics, branded typography and the new style of imagery perfectly showcase the company’s products and services. These updates have helped to strengthen the company’s brand presence and to position them as an Australian leader in fundraising strategy and capacity building.