Mr. Harrod Visual Identity

Visual Identity
Mr Harrod Visual Identity
Mr Harrod Visual Identity
Mr Harrod Visual Identity

Mr. Harrod

The property and personal services organisation, You. Organised. is a successful consultancy with 15 years’ experience organising their clients’ homes and lives.

Due to the changing nature of the business and the potential for diversification going forward, the client decided on a name change to Mr. Harrod, after the proprietor, Nathan Harrod.

The visual identity for Mr. Harrod needed to demonstrate the personalised and professional offerings of the growing company whilst keeping a strong association with Nathan himself, who has developed important relationships which garner word-of-mouth referrals. A vital part of any small to medium business development.

Because the client is a confident, reliable and pragmatic person, we developed a type-based identity which speaks to one of the businesses best known services – decluttering and organising.

The bold, contrasting colours and the self-assured, large scale typesetting help convey the can-do, no-nonsense reputation that Mr. Harrod enjoys. An additional word on the reverse side, “Sorted.”, further drives the message home and injects an insight into the nature of the client himself: personable with a wry sense of humour – important traits for someone helping people in times of uncertainty who maybe be experiencing unexpected changes to their lives.