Hola Visual Identity

Hola visual identity
Hola visual identity
Hola visual identity


Create the Hola visual identity and online development program run by AFAO and NAPWHA, aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of people working for AIDS Councils and people living with HIV organisations. Hola stands for HIV Online Learning Australia.

The aim for the Hola logo was to be familiar and welcoming, as the client wanted to present this study in a positive and friendly light. Whilst still being sophisticated and clinical so as to be taken seriously by the community.

Inspired by the HIV AIDS ribbon, we created a logo that incorporated the textures and flow of a ribbon and distilled it down into a simple wordmark that can sit comfortably amongst its collaborators. This was achieved by using a bold serif font combined with a subtle gradient that flows through each letter, allowing the logo to have a constant movement which evokes the ribbon motif.