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FJMT Website Redesign
FJMT Website Redesign
FJMT Website Redesign
FJMT Website Redesign
FJMT Website Redesign


To develop a comprehensive website redesign for award-winning architecture firm Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt).

Over a period of several months we consulted, planned, designed and developed the new website for fjmt.

fjmt have a clear vision about who they are and it was our job to represent that in the design and functionality of their website. Our expert guidance ensured the final interface was both stylish and clear and the user experience logical, intuitive and rewarding.

The use of imagery across the site is extensive which brilliantly showcases the diverse and impressive architectural work undertaken by fjmt, for which they are highly-regarded.

There are multiple ways to navigate project content on the site allowing the user to find stepping stones from projects to other related projects in several ways.

The ambition is to create an online presence for fjmt that “overlaps and interlayers both the work and ideas of our multidisciplinary design studio”.

The end result is a professional, innovative, responsive and dynamic website that embodies the design values of fjmt – and all created, cost effectively, using WordPress.

It was a huge but rewarding project for both Leading Hand and fjmt, prompting praise for all involved: “We would like to acknowledge the great work of our designers… and in particular a special thank you to our internal communications team at fjmt that have approached the making of this site with the care and dedication we would apply to our built projects”.

A big thanks to our leads at Leading Hand on this project, Vanessa Brewster, Jason Williams and Brett Osmond.