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Develop a website for the Scott Salisbury Group’s new brand, Bradford Homes. The site needed to be fast, responsive and mobile friendly while providing users the ability to quickly find a new home based on many different criteria.

The first stage required a simple static HTML site to give the brand a digital presence while the remaining content was being prepared.

Guided by a few examples of what the client liked and a copy of their brand guidelines, we designed a bold new website with a simple user flow and clean user interface. Utilising the latest development workflow tools, we were able to deliver a lightning-fast static HTML site that was optimised for all devices and also allowed for the site to scale up to the next stage.

As content became available, we developed the site further introducing over 90 houses, website search functionality, photo galleries and lead capture channels. During this stage, we were able to design and build the website in preparation for the upcoming integration into a content management system.

When we were briefed on this job for Bradford Homes, we knew this would be a perfect site to build using CraftCMS. It allowed us to easily integrate the existing website design, convert the page layouts to CraftCMS templates and import all the existing house information from the static site.

Towards the end of the project, we were also asked to implement a wishlist functionality into the website allowing users to collate their favourite plans, facades and photos from throughout the website and view them all in one place.

The end result is an easy-to-use website supported by a fantastic content management platform making subsequent updates a breeze.

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