Santiago Held

As a creative agency we are always changing and evolving. Over 15-years we have seen quite a bit of change. In part this evolution is a product of our wonderfully talented team. Recently, we welcomed another talented designer in Santiago Held.

Santiago has strong technical skills and a distinctive creativity that enables him to work across a wide variety of graphic design disciplines such as branding, digital layouts, user interface design, editorial work, finished art, art direction and design strategy to name a few. Santi has studied Industrial Design in Canberra and Sweden and his focus on innovation and the acquisition of new skills reinforces his value to the Leading Hand Design team.

And after six years with Leading Hand Caitriona Egan has moved into a new role as Senior Associate. She will now work with us on a project basis and we look forward to some of those coming to fruition very soon!

Jamie Carroll will resume his role as primary Creative Director at Leading Hand Design.