Leading Hand is Going Down… South!

Now in Sydney and Adelaide

The brand new Leading Hand Adelaide studio is now open and we couldn’t be prouder.

Situated in the heart of the CBD, in the iconic Epworth Building on Pirie Street, this is an exciting new chapter for Leading Hand and one with a bit of a backstory.

Jamie Carroll, our Founding Director – Adelaide born and bred – left his hometown for Sydney more than 25 years ago and went on to open and build the successful, creative and inspiring business that is Leading Hand.


The pull of home has always been strong

“When I left Adelaide, I hoped there would be a way I could work there again, so investing in a Leading Hand Adelaide studio makes me very happy,” Jamie said. “While I love living in Sydney I’m looking forward to working with our S.A. based team – headed by our Digital Director, Jason Williams – and to spending more time in Adelaide with some new local clients.”


Expanding opportunities in South Australia

As the Tesla battery energises the state, Leading Hand is putting all its energy into providing more local opportunities for South Australian talent to work on a range of branding, digital and design projects.

“Technology increasingly allows teams to be seamlessly connected across multiple work sites. That’s one of the real advantages of the digital age and it’s a real plus for people based in Adelaide. Accessing more local talent is very exciting and my priority” says Jason Williams.


Leading Hand and the Epworth Building

The historic Epworth Building was chosen as Leading Hand’s Adelaide studio for heartfelt reasons. Built in 1927 – the same year Jamie Carroll’s late father was born and for whose occupation the business is named – this unique building “already feels like home”, Jamie said.


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